Father’s Day Gift Ideas NZ

fathers day gift ideas nz

Father’s Day Gift Ideas NZ

Father’s day is the perfect occasion to show you dad the appreciation he deserves. When shopping for father’s day gift ideas, you’ll want to opt for gift items that are actually going to be used. After all, how many little mugs bearing the words ‘world’s best dad’ does one person really need?


Gift Ideas for Dad


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It’s time to take things to a new level and give your dad the sort of father’s day gift that he deserves. After all, he’s been there from day one, handing out valuable life lessons and ill-conceived jokes. Father’s Day presents an opportunity to show your appreciation, and you’d better take it! With that mission in mind, let’s take a look at some of the gifts you might bestow upon the old man this year. They’re certain to be appreciated – and they might even raise an eyebrow.


gents gift card voucher

Gift Card / Voucher

A Gents gift card / voucher is the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Fathers Day. A gift card can be redeemed against any of Gents barber shop services and any products sold online or in-store at the Queenstown shop premises. However old you get, you’ll always need to keep your facial hair in good order, and your skin in good condition. Gifts for dads is often a conundrum for sons and daughters, however if you’re going to be getting your dad some male grooming equipment, then you’ll need to put at least a little bit of thought into the sort of grooming equipment he’ll need. Does he wear an enormous, bushy beard? Then a suitable beard brush or a bottle of masculine scented beard oil might be an ideal range of gift. Does he go entirely clean-shaved? Then perhaps a shaving brush or a soap might be in order.


beard oil gift set


It’s worth taking a look at your dad’s shaving cabinet. If he shaves using a can of pressurised fluid, then introducing him to the wonderful world of high-quality shaving sets, equipment and tools might be worthwhile. If your dad is sporting a suitably fluffy expanse of facial hair, then keeping it in shape using a high-quality pair of beard and moustache scissors is surely a requirement. Not all bathroom scissors are created equally, and thus a pair that’s worthy of the task is sure to make a great gift on father’s day.


captain fawcett grooming scissors

Shaving Soap & Brush Gift Set

For the ultimate in luxury, it doesn’t get much better than a real bar of shaving soap. Unlike the modern spray-can of gel, these items aren’t stuffed with artificial drying agents and moisturisers to aid storage. Instead, they’re just crammed with fats that’ll keep the skin in good condition. The best of them come in miniature gift boxes that are perfect if you’re looking for something special to mark the occasion. If you’re looking for something different, then you might opt for a cream or a gel. Such substances don’t have to be synonymous with inferior quality and economy. If you know that your dad suffers from sensitive skin, then this glossy box pairs a Jermyn St bowl of shaving cream with a high-quality brush – the latter of which also forms a crucial pillar of a decent shaving setup. Whichever shaving fluid you opt for, you’ll want to be sure that it’s properly applied. That’s the task of the shaving brush. Jermyn St Black Box Gift Set by Taylor of Bond Street

High Quality Shaving Brushes

It’s worth remembering that shaving brushes provide a much better lather than the more modern fingers-on-face application technique. Your dad will not only be able to avoid rubbing his fingers across his face and thereby causing himself irritation; he’ll be able to work the lather into the very root of each hair follicle, allowing for a far closer shave. To make things especially impressive, shaving brushes are available with special cradles, comprising both a space to hang the razor and the brush so that the surface of neither device comes into contact with the counter beneath. Such shaving sets come also with miniature bowls which can be used to work up a fantastic lather prior to application. Dovo Shaving Brush Black Acrylic

All-in-One Grooming Kits

If you’re in the slightest doubt, then perhaps opting for an all-in-one grooming kit gift might be the way forward. A package like this will include everything that’s required to shave in style – from razor to soap to aftercare. bluebeards revenge perfect man kit

Luxury Cologne’s & Aftershave Gifts

Everyone likes to smell good, from teenagers to pensioners. But for men, this might be difficult – after all, there aren’t too many scents that immediately scream manliness, and older men in particular might be less inclined to shop specifically for something that’s going to make them smell of musky spices and turpentine.


mens cologne and aftershave gift


Consequently, designers like Taylor of Old Bond Street and Proraso provide colognes and aftershaves for men in handy gift-boxes which comprise a few other items, too. What makes fragrances especially suitable as gifts is that they don’t really ever go bad – and you can never really have too many of them. Thus, even if your dad’s already amassed a sizeable collection, a few more isn’t going to hurt. In fact, his existing selection of pleasant-smelling-liquids might provide a basis for your purchase; if you look inside his cabinet and discover a huge stack of Bluebeard’s Revenge, then it makes sense to buy him a matching bottle of eau-de-toilette or aftershave.


Masculine Jewellery

Shopping for jewellery for a man is difficult as accessories of this sort tend to be personal. Men’s jewellery tends to shun pretty stones in favour of imagery wrought from the metal itself. Said imagery, therefore, will need to match the tastes and personality of the person sporting the item in question. If you’re going to shop for jewellery for your dad, you should form an idea of what it is they really like – and see if you can imagine them wearing it. You should also consult your father’s better half – who’ll probably have a good idea of what they’d like to see him wear! Alternatively visit our Clocks and Colours jewellery page for some serious inspiration.

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Bathroom Essentials & Accessories

We should also consider the importance of one or two items of furniture found in the bathroom. Of course, to get the best out of a shave, your dad will need some men’s bathroom essentials including a suitable shaving set and a shaving mirror – one that’s capable of zooming right in to provide a close-up view of each follicle. After all, when you reach a certain age, precision really does matter – but being able to easily achieve it matters even more.


MÜHLE Traditional Shaving Gift Set


On the other hand, if you find that your father doesn’t really know how to shave and is forever scraping and cutting himself on his razor, then a burn-repair product might be just what’s required. They’ll eliminate the damage caused by improper shaving.

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