Bluebeards Revenge Washbag

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Bluebeards Revenge Washbag

If you’re a man on the move, then you’ll want to take with you a range of items required for you to look your best. Whilst ‘roughing it’ with the disposable razor you picked up at a service station might seem a viable option, it’s not one that we need entertain; with the help of a good Bluebeards Revenge washbag, you’ll be able to take all of your home-shaving equipment with you for the ride!

Hanging Washbag

This Bluebeard Revenge hanging washbag for men comes courtesy of a manufacturer of shaving equipment based in Plymouth, England. It’s sturdy enough to cope with even the most hectic globetrotting lifestyle, being made from durable polyester, and coming complete with a hanging hook and multiple pockets. You’ll be able to hook it up alongside your towel, and unfold it to reveal all of the razors, gels and shampoos you’ve brought along with you. You won’t miss a single part of your home- bathroom, since there’s even a handy travel-mirror included, to help you perform those close-up operations even when you’re camping out in the wilderness! Bluebeard’s Revenge are a manufacturer that’s committed to providing quality to men in need. You’ll find all of the Bluebeard products you need to fill your travel bag listed right here on our website!


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