Bluebeards Revenge Privateer Badger Brush & Drip Stand (Gift Boxed)

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Bluebeards Revenge Privateer Badger Shaving Brush & Drip Stand

In order to achieve the closest possible wet shave, you’ll need a suitable shaving brush. It’s just not possible to work up the best lather by hand; to reach the very root of every hair, you’ll need a shaving brush. One that’s strong enough to get wet and dry every day without complaint, and soft enough to act as a massager for your skin. Such a brush will work your lather thoroughly into your jawline – and allow you to achieve an incredibly close shave, just about every single time!

Privateer Badger Shaving Brush

Here, you’ll find exactly that – the Bluebeards Revenge Privateer Badger Brush. It’s a part of their Privateer Collection – a set of contemporary tools that represent the ultimate in luxury. The shaving brush itself is packed with super-soft badger bristles. Included in this package is an acrylic drip stand that’ll capably store your brush so that it looks the part on the side in your bathroom. It’ll catch any stray drips from the bottom of the brush, and ensure that it doesn’t contact any potentially grimy surfaces. Formed from high-grade resin and chrome, this is a set that’s certain to last the distance, however much punishment it might have to absorb. Whether you’re a long-time wet-shaver or a curious neophyte, a brush of this quality is always a worthwhile investment!

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Why You Should Use a Shaving Brush

Supercharge your shave. Using a shaving brush improves the quality of your shave by creating a really great lather, ensuring that each of your hairs are coated with The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream. A brush also lifts the whiskers from the face, allowing for a much better cutting angle. This ensures that you enjoy a really close shave and helps avoid skin problems, ingrowing hairs and razor rash.


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