SFDR Glycerin Cleansing Bar

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For purists, no bathroom setup is complete without a quality cleansing bar of soap. But not all soaps are built quite alike; which is what draws so many men to this offering, from SFDR. It’s been produced by the same minds responsible for Proraso’s line of barbershop staples, and represents the contemporary side of their approach to men’s grooming.

The SFDR Glycerin Cleansing bar of soap is made principally from Glycerine and Aloe Vera, which will respectively hydrate and nourish the skin. It also offers a subtle exfoliating effect that’ll ensure that the top layer of dead skin cells are cleared away, allowing those just underneath to really shine.

SFDR Glycerin Cleansing Bar of Soap

The SFDR Cleansing Bar of soap is also enriched by a thoroughly modern combination of anti-aging nutrients. Among these is Defensil, and exclusive vegetable formula comprising a range of anti-inflammatory and cell-preserving substances. Like the rest of the SFDR line, this cleansing bar also provides a range of vitamins and complex anti-oxidants, which help to neutralise the free-radicals that contribute to premature cell-death.

As well as protecting your skin against the effects of ageing, it’ll also afford it protection against harsh environments. It’s thus a great match for hard-labourers and office workers alike – so why not introduce it into your bathroom setup?
  • Made in Italy by Proraso


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