Pure Badger & Sandalwood Shave Cream Gift Box

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Pure Badger & Sandalwood Shave Cream Gift Box

If you’re shopping for a gift for a man who loves a traditional wet shave, then what better solution could there be than a package that’ll provide the required lather? Included in this Pure Badger & Sandalwood Shave Cream Gift Box are two items from Taylor of Old Bond Street: A shaving brush and a sandalwood shaving cream. It’s a perfect box gift set for a wet-shaver who’s just starting out on their journey. A proper shaving brush allows for a far superior quality of lather. With super-soft bristles, it’ll exfoliate the skin as the lather is applied; and it’ll massage the cream into the very root of each individual hair. The result? A shave that’s entirely free of friction, as the blade glides happily through every hair that stands in its way!

Taylor of Old Bond St Gift Box

This particular Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream comes with a classic fragrance. You’ll get floral notes at the top, including geranium, lavender and rosemary – backed up by a thick body that’s rich in fern, orange blossom, and (or course) sandalwood. Taylor of Old Bond Street have been providing the world with fantastic products since 1854 – and their name is respected by shavers across the planet. Pair this set with a suitable razor, and you’ll be able to start each day with a luxury shaving experience.


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