Bluebeards Revenge Beard Brush

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This Bluebeards Revenge beard brush is just the thing to keep even the longest beard looking healthy and happy! Once a beard grows beyond a certain length, it requires special tools to keep it looking orderly and presentable.

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Bluebeards Revenge Beard Brush

One of the most important of these special tools is a quality Bluebeards Revenge beard brush, courtesy of Bluebeard’s Revenge – a company which insists on maintaining a sense of humour while providing a steady stream of high-quality products! This beard brush comes equipped with boar bristles. This sort of bristle has been in use for centuries, and reliably provides the balance between softness and strength that a good beard-brush demands.

Quality Bluebeards Revenge Beard Brush Boar Bristles

The Bluebeards Revenge beard brush bristles will help to stimulate the production of oils in the skin, and draw them along the shaft of each hair follicle. The result? A beard that’s sleek, naturally shining, and badass. As well as stimulating oil production in your face, this brush will also help to remove any debris and detritus from your beard. The longer and bushier a beard, the greater a problem things like excess product, dead skin particulates and dust will be. A good brush like this Bluebeards Revenge beard brush will act like a magnet, drawing these unwanted substances from between each hair and leaving behind a beard that’s perfectly clean and tidy. What more could an aspiring beard-grower ask for?

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Directions for Use

Brush through facial hair on a daily basis, and wash regularly with soapy water. Soak up excess water from your brush with a towel and leave it to air dry, bristles down.


Natural beech wood and boar hair bristles


Bluebeards brushes are made to the mark of responsible forestry.


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