Kent Slim Jim Handmade Comb

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Kent Slim Jim Handmade Comb

Kent Brushes have a stellar reputation in the world of global grooming. They’re an English manufacturer who’ve achieved the Royal warrant, meaning that the items that they produce are literally fit for a king. They’re particularly known for their high-quality combs, each of which is handmade on their premises in England before being shipped to discerning gentlemen across the world. By sawing each tooth of the comb by hand, and applying a careful buffing, they’ve achieved a soft finish that doesn’t scratch the surface of your scalp, and that’ll stimulate the production of natural oils, and improve the condition of your hair in the long-run.

Slim Jim Comb by Kent of England

This Kent Slim Jim Handmade Comb is made from cellulose acetate, which is a plant-based alternative to cheaper petroleum-based plastics. It’s not only more environmentally friendly, but it’ll achieve better results, too. It delivers an experience which, next to the scratchy, unpleasant sensation of an injection-moulded comb running through your hair, is more than worth the effort of sawing those notches. This particular Kent Slim Jim Handmade Comb is called the ‘Slim Jim’ for a reason. The teeth are fantastically fine, making it perfect for getting extremely fine or thinning hair into order. At 120mm long, it’s a perfect companion for those embarking on a long trip.


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