Kent Thumb Grip Comb (R18T)

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Kent Thumb Grip Comb (R18T)

Kent are a brush manufacturer with considerable pedigree. They’re responsible for grooming devices in all shapes and sizes, and they’ve earned the seal of approval from the Royal family. Every comb that they produce is crafted by hand; they’re saw-cut and polished to create a soft, rounded finish that’s gentle on the scalp. Unlike cheaper combs, this specimen is made from a plant-derived variety of plastic called cellulose acetate. This Kent Thumb Grip Comb model R18T provides a fantastic, environmentally-friendly alternative to ordinary petroleum-based plastics. As well as getting every individual strand of hair into position, it’ll also stimulate the production of natural oils in the scalp, which will nourish the hair and bolster its strength and glossiness over time. Compare this Thumb Grip Comb by Kent of England with the average injection-moulded comb, which features sharp teeth and tiny ridges where the two sides of the mould meet – these can be extremely scratchy and irritating, and they can cause significant cuticle damage in the long-term. This particular Kent Thumb Grip Comb is designed to be gripped at one end, with the teeth sitting at the other. It’s handmade in England, and measures 140mm from end to end. Whether you’re combing your hair in the comfort of your home, or you’re taking this little beauty out on your travels, it’s sure to serve wonderfully.


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