Captain Fawcett Rufus Hound’s Triumphant Moustache Wax

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Captain Fawcett Rufus Hound Triumphant Moustache Wax

Captain Fawcett’s Triumphant collaboration with actor, comedian and all round good egg Rufus Hound has resulted in a rather splendid Moustache Wax. A delightful fragrance somewhat reminiscent of the balmy days of Spring; olfactory rural stimuli reaped whilst riding his beloved motorcycle thru England’s green and pleasant countryside.

Captain Fawcett Rufus Hound Triumphant Moustache Wax has a heady perfume boasting top notes of Bergamot, Lime & Ylang, mid notes of Blackcurrant, Clove & Galbanum supported by the earthier base notes of Sandalwood, Ambergris & Musk. In truth this is simply delightful alchemic concoction & as such I would wager this to be one of Fawcett’s finest… Huzzah! Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

Top Tips for Maintaining a Stiff Upper Lip

  • Keep wax warm in either a waistcoat or trouser pocket.
  • Use the back of your finger nail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar.
  • Soften wax between thumb and forefinger, smooth into your moustache in an outwards & upwards motion.
  • Adding a little wax in a final twisting flourish to your by now perky tips will ensure a tip top finish.

Tin size: 15ml


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