Dovo Leather Balm for Razor Strop

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Dovo Leather Balm for Razor Strop (50ml)

The Dovo Leather Balm for Razor Strop is the ideal treatment for your favourite razor strop. Made using non-abrasive contents, this leather balm prevents cracking to ensure your strop is in tip-top shape!. Gentle enough for daily use and easily applied by rubbing your palm back and forth over the leather.

Over time leather will dry out and and in some cases if not properly maintained. This Dovo Leather Balm will replace lost oils, and keep the leather supple, so that your strop is always prepared to put the best edge on your razor. Use sparingly at first, and apply only to a clean strop.

Important please note: balm contains vaseline and lanolin.


Apply this leather balm in the evening or at night so that your strop’s leather is conditioned for your morning shave.

Made in Germany by Dovo Solingen.



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