MUHLE Sandalwood Shaving Cream

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MUHLE Sandalwood Shaving Cream (75ml)

If you’d like to get the best from a wet-shaving session, then the right choice of shaving cream is crucial. Those cheap foams you find packed into aerosol cans on the shelves of your local supermarket simply can’t approach the real thing when it comes to quality of skincare (they’re packed, among other things, with drying agents that’ll wreak havoc on your precious skin!) Fortunately, there exist manufacturers of high-quality alternatives that’ll do the job much more capably. One such manufacturer is German firm MUHLE, who’re known principally for their line of high-quality brushes and razors.

This MUHLE Sandalwood Shaving Cream comes in a handy 75ml tube that can be easily stowed in your luggage alongside a suitable travel shaving set. Work it into your skin just after you’re done cleansing your face – it’ll allow the razor to easily glide over your face, ensuring the smoothest possible shave with a bare minimum of irritation. This MUHLE Sandalwood Shaving Cream is derived from oriental sandalwoods, whose oils are distilled repeatedly for maximum purity and smoothness. This naturally-occurring oil has long been famed for its nutritional properties – and now that it’s available in a great-smelling shaving cream, your skin will be able to directly benefit from what it has to offer!


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