MUHLE Thuja Wood Mach3 Shaving Set

$535.00 incl GST

  • Stylo – Shaving set of MUHLE
  • Silvertip badger
  • Gillette® Mach3®
  • Handle material made of Thuja wood
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This high-quality MUHLE Thuja Wood Shaving Set brings together two of the world’s most respected names in men’s grooming: all-conquering American behemoth Gillette, and prestigious German manufacturer MUHLE. The latter have developed each of the items here, with the help of the former’s enormously-popular ‘Mach3 razor blades’.

MUHLE Thuja Wood Shaving Set Features

Included in the Mach3 MUHLE Thuja Wood Shaving Set is a shaving brush, complete with soft badger hairs. It’ll help you to work up a fantastic lather, and apply it easily to the very root of each hair on your face. Then there’s the aforementioned triple-bladed razor, which with the help of a steady supply of replacement Mach3 razor blades will be able to keep even the most rugged jawlines perfectly smooth. Finally, there’s a miniature stand – from which both devices can hang just beside your sink.

The handles of both items are crafted from the burl of the Sandarac tree, or Barbary Thuja as it’s more often known. It’s among the hardiest and most prestigious of all hardwoods, and it’s been selected and carved by hand, before being coated and stabilised in resin to produce a finish that’ll stand up to even the most punishing of shaving schedules. Paired with a suitable shaving soap, cream or gel, this set will provide a luxury shaving experience for Mach 3 users.

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