MUHLE Thuja Wood Safety Razor Set (Silvertip)

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  • Stylo  – Shaving set of MUHLE
  • Silvertip badger
  • Safety razor
  • Handle material made of Thuja wood
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To get the best possible wet shave, a few items are just about indispensable. These include a suitable safety razor, a shaving brush, and, ideally, a shaving stand from which to hang them. In this MUHLE Thuja Wood Safety Razor Set, from German manufacturer MUHLE, you’ll get all three.

MUHLE Thuja Wood Safety Razor Set

The shaving brush is made from carefully-selected badger bristles. They’re fantastically soft, and will help you to work up the best possible lather and work it right into the root of each hair. This means a closer, more comfortable shave – and less irritation. The other part of this formidable duo is a high-quality safety razor. It’s a stylish classic that’ll allow you to shave far more closely – even if it does demand a little bit of a learning curve to begin with. Both members of this MUHLE Thuja Wood Safety Razor Set come with matching thuja-wood handles. With a golden-brown appearance, each displays the subtle, swirling grain of the burl of the sandarac tree – or the barbary thuja. Being hardy and beautiful, it’s among the most valuable woods in the world; its root only grows to the required size once the tree itself has died, making this timber all the rarer.

If you’re looking for a luxury MUHLE shaving set, then this pairing is sure to provide it. It’ll work equally well as a gift, or as a treat for yourself!

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100mm x 135mm




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