MUHLE Travel Shaving Set (Mach3)

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Travel Shaving Set from MÜHLE, Silvertip Fibre®, with Gillette® Mach3®, handle material metal, chrome-plated.

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MUHLE Travel Shaving Set (Mach3)

To get the best from your grooming routine, you’ll need to ensure that it’s… well, routine. Skipping a day or two because you can’t get near to your shaving setup is a recipe for an untidy beard. If you’re travelling and want to look your best at every stop, then a this mobile shaving solution is called for.

That’s where this MUHLE Travel Shaving Set from German manufacturer MUHLE comes in. It provides several of the items you’ll need to have a fantastic shaving experience while you’re on the go. Included here is a shaving brush and a Gillette Mach3 razor, along with a gorgeous leather pouch, handmade by Florentine artisans. Both of the items included in this MUHLE Travel Shaving Set are made from corrosion-resistant chrome, which is sure to last the distance, wherever you might be travelling. The brush is equipped with synthetic fibres, which replicate the performance of MUHLE’s badger-hair offerings quite capably. Then there’s the razor, which employs the most popular shaving technology in the world, Gillette’s Mach3. With a trio of sharp razor blades, you’ll be able to get the closest possible shave in fewer strokes – perfect for when you haven’t time to spare. Combine this set with a quality shaving soap or foam, and a supply of replacement blades, and you’ll set to go!


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