MUHLE Travel Shaving Set (Safety Razor)

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If you often find yourself shaving away from home, then you might have felt it necessary to make compromises. After all, it’s tricky enough to replicate that barbershop experience in your own bathroom; bringing it along to every hotel you visit is trickier still.

MUHLE Travel Shaving Set With Safety Razor (RT3)

Fortunately, this needn’t be the case. With the help of this MUHLE travel shaving set by German the specialists, you’ll have access to a fantastic wet-shave experience, wherever in the world you might be. Inside you’ll find both a shaving brush and a traditional safety-razor. The former is made from synthetic fibres that offer the same strength and softness as their badger-hair rivals. The latter is built from sturdy chrome that’ll withstand even the bumpiest ride.

Both can be easily carried within the included high quality black leather travel pouch. It’s been handmade by Florentine artisans, and offers all of the quality we’ve come to associate with the MUHLE brand. If you’re a committed wet-shaver, then what better way could there be to take your shaving supplies with you on the road?

Naturally, you’ll want to replace your safety razor regularly to ensure maximum sharpness. You’ll find suitable replacements right here on the Gents website!


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