Captain Fawcett Straight Razor (Shavette)

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Captain Fawcett Straight Razor (Shavette)

Captain Fawcett’s Straight Razor (disposable blade) is a beautifully crafted, indispensable tool that’s just the ticket for those wishing to discover and indeed experience the pleasure and intimate closeness of a traditional wet shave for themselves. The straight razor comes housed in a delightful box ideal for transportation.

The Captain Fawcett straight razor is suitable for home and professional use and is built to work with standard safety razor blades. It’s fantastic for travellers who’d prefer not to take additional equipment with them. After all, who wants to break out the leather razor strop in the middle of a hotel bathroom? With the help of this device, even seasoned travellers will be able to enjoy the comfort and closeness that comes with a straight razor.

On the handle of this device you’ll find the iconic Captain Fawcett logo – so you can be assured of its quality. Of course, to get the best from this shavette razor device you’ll need a suitable supply of replacement blades.

If you’d like the experience of a straight razor, without the time and energy of sharpening one, then this shavette from Captain Fawcett is a perfect solution!

Please Note: This disposable blade straight razor is supplied without razor blades. You will need to obtain a pack of high quality double edged razor blades.

Instructions for the correct insertion of blades are provided with each purchase.

Length: 21cm (Fully Open)


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