Dovo INOX Olive Wood Straight Razor

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Dovo INOX Olive Wood Straight Razor 5/8″

The Dovo INOX Olive Wood Straight Razor has a genuine exotic olive wood handle with gold plated spacer. The razor blade is stainless steel with a hollow grind and a 24k gold etch of the brand. It has file jimps on the underside of the tang. The blade and handle are balanced for a great shave.

The blade is made of the finest surgical ice tempered stainless steel which results in a rust and tarnish resistant razor for easy maintenance. The stainless steel blade holds a sharp edge longer than high carbon steel. The word ‘INOX’ is etched in gold into the blade and the number 41 on the shank designate the stainless steel material.

These Dovo Olive Wood straight razor blades are handmade and tempered using intense heat and cold in a process called ice tempered. just a few master craftspeople still have the skill and knowledge to hand shape and grind the ice tempered blanks into this type of beautifully crafted full hollow ground blade.

Olive Wood is naturally impervious to water, however the handcrafted handle is further sealed and polished for longevity and to preserve its natural beauty. The olive trees from which it is made may be centuries old, each piece is a miniature work of art.

  • Made in Solingen, Germany

The Dovo razor comes honed and stropped ready to use. The ready honed straight razor blade will be fine for a good few shaves, however it will need stropping at some point to polish the cutting edge. Many people who purchase these items also purchase a Razor Strop or Strop Tool.

You may also want to keep your new razor in a Dovo Z Stand which has been specifically designed to hold your Dovo straight razor and shaving brush.



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