Dovo Ivory Micarta Straight Razor

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Dovo Ivory Micarta Straight Razor 5/8″

If you’re looking for the ultimate wet-shaving experience, then you’ll need a Dovo straight razor. Without any other apparatus getting in the way of the blade, you’ll be able to cut as close to the skin as possible. The result? A wet shave that’s closer and more comfortable than would otherwise be possible.

Naturally, to get the best possible shave you’ll need a straight razor of the required quality. This Dovo Ivory Micarta Straight Razor surely fits the bill: it’s the most popular razor produced by Dovo Solingen, a German manufacturer that commands respect across the world of male grooming. The straight razor blade is made from surgical-quality stainless steel, and has been ice-tempered to make it especially tough, flexible and hardy. The handle is made from gorgeously layered Micarta Ivory – so elephant lovers will be able to enjoy it without worry.

The Dovo Ivory Micarta Straight Razor comes in its own special blue-metal gift box. For best results, you’ll want to frequently strop it to ensure optimal sharpness, and pair it with a shaving brush and shaving soap of similar quality. For shaving purists, there’s no substitute for a high-quality straight razor; it’ll repay the investment many times over the course of its lifespan, and it’ll provide a shaving experience unlike any other!

The Dovo razor comes honed and stropped ready to use. The ready honed straight razor blade will be fine for a good few shaves, however it will need stropping at some point to polish the cutting edge. Many people who purchase these items also purchase a MUHLE Razor Strop or the MUHLE Strop Tool.

You may also want to keep your new razor in a Dovo Z Stand which has been specifically designed to hold your Dovo straight razor and shaving brush.

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How to use

To maintain your razor and keep it in top condition, you'll also need a razor strop and strop balm.

Guidance & Tips

When not in use for longer periods, it is recommended that the razor be rubbed with light oil and stored in a dry, safe place.


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