Dovo Straight Razor & Brush Stand (Z Stand)

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Dovo Straight Razor Stand

If you’re serious about wet-shaving, then you’ll have invested in a few key items. There’s the straight razor blade itself, the shaving brush, and perhaps a leather razor strop to keep the blade in optimal condition. One key purchase that’s often neglected, however, is the straight razor stand. This will ensure that both blade and brush are kept neatly displayed. But it’ll also preserve their looks and functionality by ensuring that neither is left resting on a damp, dusty shelf.

Dovo Z Stand

This ‘Z stand’ comes courtesy of Dovo. It’s made from stainless steel, and will withstand a considerable beating without complaint. A stylish satin finish ensures that it looks the part, while rubber feet ensure that it’s safely held in position without scratching your counter. Moreover, it’s capable of holding any shaving brush with a diameter of less than 22mm, as well as your straight razor and just about any number of replacement double edge razors.

Made in Germany

Like many premium pieces of shaving equipment, this Dovo ‘Z’ style stand is made in Germany – and it’ll surely prove an excellent servant in your bathroom setup. If you’re serious about wet-shaving, whether it’s with a straight or safety razor, why not treat yourself to a stand to match? and while you’re here read our shaving tips for the traditional wet-shaver.

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Razor Stand Dimensions

Height: 87mm. Footprint: 78mm x 45mm.


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