Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar

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A vitamin cleansing bar of soap is an excellent addition to any bathroom. But not all soap bars are built quite alike. This Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar for men, is packed with a unique combination of vitamins. They’ll ensure that your skin cells have all the materials they need to flourish and thrive, by delivering those directly to the point of use!

Baxter’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar

Among these wonderful substances are natural nutrients like seaweed, along with hydrating glycerine and vitamins A and E. Working in concert, they’ll help to ensure that your skin retains its elasticity, and that each cell has access to all the water it needs to thrive. They’ll also help to battle against cell-destroying free radicals. After each cleanse, your pores will feel subtly nourished and refreshed.

As well as its nutritional qualities, this cleansing bar will also provide an invigorating scent that’ll stay with you for the entire day, leaving you feeling as clean and refreshed as can be. What more could one ask from a cleansing bar of soap? Sporting a distinctive blue band around the middle, this is soap bar is sure to look the part in your bathroom.


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