Mitchell’s Wool Fat Hand Soap

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  • 75g bar of soap
  • Lanolin
  • Made in Bradford, England

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If you’re a grooming purist, then the chances are that you’ll already have a bar of soap in your bathroom. These simple devices make cleaning as easy as can be – simply add water and they’ll quickly develop into a fine lather, which you’ll be able to use to scrub away the day’s sweat and grime.
Not all hand soaps are built quite the same, however. Some are produced using synthetic chemicals, while others are created using natural ones. Mitchell’s Wool Fat Hand Soap is an example of the latter – it employs lanolin, a fat naturally found in wool, to do its work. This substance works wonderfully as a skin cleanser and conditioner, as Fred Mitchell discovered when examining the skin of sheep-shearers near to his hometown of Bradford, England. Shortly afterwards, he established his company – and the rest is history!

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Original Hand Soap

Today, Mitchell’s soaps are still produced in Bradford. They form into a thick, foamy lather in a matter of moments, and help to condition the skin as well as cleansing it. If you’d like an entirely new experience every time you reach for your bar, then why not see what a difference real lanolin can make? A Mitchell’s Wool Fat Hand Soap bar provides 75 grams of soap, and is sure to look the part in your bathroom!

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Bradford, West Yorkshire, England


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