Blood Moon Cuff

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Blood Moon Cuff by Clocks and Colours

If you’d like to complement your wardrobe with a few choice accessories, then why not take a break from the usual rings and pendants and go for a men’s cuff? This Blood Moon Cuff takes its inspiration from the legends surrounding the full moon – which has long been associated with madness, and wolves in particular. It’s the work of a Canadian company, based in Toronto, named Clocks and Colours. They put together designs that are targeted squarely at men – and those designs are crafted into beautiful final products by master silversmiths in Bali.

Sterling Silver Blood Moon Cuff for Men

This Blood Moon cuff for men features two snarling wolf heads, facing one another, at either end of a circle of silver metal that’s carved with fur detail. Wolves are common in mythology, including the foundational mythology of Rome, in which the city was founded by brothers raised by wolves, and in Norse mythology, in which an enormous wolf-deity named Fenrir is predicted to run amok at the end of time. The wildness of the wolf is something that modern men have lost a little bit of touch with – but by commemorating it with an item like this, you’ll provide yourself with a constant reminder that it’s good to occasionally let loose your wild side.

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