Carrion Pendant & Necklace

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Carrion Pendant & Necklace by Clocks and Colours

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, then what better way to do so could there be than with the help of a choice accessory or two? Clocks and Colours are a Canadian designer who’ve put together several collections of fantastic men’s silver pendants, rings and cuffs that’ll complement a range of outfits. They’ll add a little bit of personality to just about everything you wear!

Sterling Silver Carrion Pendent for Men

This sterling silver Carrion pendant & necklace is part of the ‘Carnivores’ collection. It’s named ‘carrion’, which means the decaying flesh of dead animals and features the skull of a bird, after it’s been pecked clean by all of the flies, vultures, crows and other scavengers that come across a carcass lying out in the open. Skulls are a potent and popular symbol of death, decay and mortality. They’ve graced hundreds of album covers and cinema screens – but it’s usually human skulls being venerated. A bird’s skull offers a slightly different meaning – it provides a reminder that the natural world is fairly brutal, even when humans don’t involve themselves. This silver Carrion pendant & necklace for men comes with a 34” stainless silver ‘O’ chain with a matching clasp. It’s perfect for those who like their jewellery a little on the grim side!


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