Tortuga Ring

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Tortuga Ring by Clocks and Colours

When it comes to creating manly jewellery, designers often take inspiration from the manliest possible source: the golden age of piracy. Sweaty men crammed into a boat for months on end, tackling sea monsters, storms and tracking down booty and plunder – what could be more macho than that? This Tortuga ring, courtesy of Clocks and Colours, has been inspired in particular by the Caribbean island of Tortuga, which during the 1600s was infamous as a haunt for the region’s most fearsome characters. Everyone here would spend their ill-gotten gains in a variety of questionable ways. On the front face of the ring you’ll find a four-pointed compass, of the sort used to navigate the high seas. On the sides, you’ll see a stylised map of the eastern coast of the Americas, where the Caribbean itself lay. It’s reminiscent of a time when criminals terrorised the high seas – and it looks fantastic, too!

Like every member of the Clocks and Colours catalogue, this Tortuga ring item has been designed in Toronto before being carved, by hand, in Bali. Only the finest silversmiths are put to work on items of this sort – take a look at the quality of craftsmanship and you’ll see the results.

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Mens Ring


Sterling Silver


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