Apollo Ring

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Apollo Ring by Clocks and Colours

For men looking to complete their outfit, a few choice accessories can make a world of difference. Fortunately, there exist designers which specialise in creating items that are suitable for men – with barely any colour, simple designs, and appropriately macho themes.

Sterling Silver Apollo Ring for Men

Clocks and Colours are one such designers. They’re based in Canada, but their design work is actually put into action in Bali, thanks to master silversmiths. This Apollo ring is inspired by Greek mythology. Apollo was the Ancient Greek god of music and archery, among other things. He features prominently in Olympian mythos, including in the story from which this ring takes its inspiration. Apollo received a messenger raven (yes, the idea isn’t unique to Game of Thrones). It informed him that his lover, the beautiful Coronis, had given in to the advances of a prince named Ischys. Apollo immediately became enraged, and questioned why the bird had not immediately pecked his rival’s eyes out for looking at his woman. As punishment, he cursed all raven-kind with black feathers (up to this point, they’d been white), and killed both Ischys and Coronis in a fit of pique. Now, this is a pretty great example of how not to react to infidelity – but we still think the ring looks cool!

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