Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge is a British manufacturer based in Plymouth, a coastal town from which many a sailor has launched over the years. They’re driven by a determination to rid the world of ‘dry, miserable skin and unruly hair’. Whether you’re looking for a pair of high-quality scissors to perform that fine-detail sculpting, or a body-wash that’ll allow you to enjoy a fantastic shower experience, you’ll find it here, alongside a host of other useful bathroom devices.There are waxes, brushes, moisturisers, soaps and shaving bowls to be found here, all bearing the distinctive skull-and- crossbones combination that evidences a high-quality Bluebeards Revenge product. It’s a label that you can rely on to deliver an excellent shaving experience, every time!

The Bluebeard’s Revenge company is firmly against all forms of animal testing – preferring to test their products on actual human beings. You’ll therefore be able to use their products with a clear conscience!

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