The Pinaud brand, and its Clubman line of fine toiletries have proven exceptionally popular with men for more than two centuries. With their debut in 1810 in Paris, Ed Pinaud commissioned the creation of a ‘dapper frenchman’ illustration – which still serves as the face of the brand today!

The Clubman brand offers a range of men’s grooming products that combine the traditional with the contemporary. The newest additions to the roster are the beard balms and beard oils, which allow for the ultimate in moisturisation and control for your facial hair. And they smell fantastic, too! If you’re looking for a wet-shave, on the other hand, you might consider the shaving soaps and shaving creams; they’ll work up a pleasant lather for your face without bringing any harsh abrasive chemicals to the table. We recommend working them into your face with a purpose-made shaving brush for best results!

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