Here at Gents, we stock men’s hair products that cater to just about every style of hair you can imagine. And this includes men who like to keep their heads shaven. Since 1999, HeadBlade have been producing a razor that’s perfect for the task. It’s the work of Todd Greene, a man who started shaving his head in 1992, and who’s intimately familiar with the problems associated with the practice.

With the help of some clever design, HeadBlade razors allow men to easily access every contour of the skull – even those hidden at the rear. With its two contact points, it’s able to pivot the razor easily. As such, a consistent shave can be achieved over the entire head. The HeadBlade is even compatible with replacement blades from other manufacturers – allowing you to maintain your preference.

If you’re in the market for a new way to keep your skull looking trim, then look no further!

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