Kent Brushes is UK-based company who’ve been around since 1777. They’re the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer – and they’ve developed more than 250 different brushes to suit a range of purposes.

The Reputation of Kent Brushes of England

They’ve achieved their stellar reputation in part by paying close attention to the bristles that go into their brushes, which are sourced from India and China. Similar care and attention is devoted to sourcing the right timber and rubber cushioning.

Of course, we here at Gents are interested in the range of high-quality combs and more so the shaving brushes on offer from the company. Applying a quality shaving soap using a quality brush is far preferable to applying a cheap one using your fingers; you’ll be able to work the lather right into the root of each strand of hair, helping you to achieve a closeness of shave that other methods can’t hope to match. Why not invest in a quality brush from Kent today?



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