Merkur is a manufacturer of high-quality shaving equipment that’s relied on by men across the globe. They’ve been producing their wares from their headquarters in Solingen, Germany, since 1906, and the company is now a subsidiary of DOVO Solingen Steelware. They’re perhaps best known for a line of high-quality double-edged safety-razors. These devices provide a closer shaving experience than any disposable blade – once you’ve gotten over the learning curve, you’ll never want to go back!

Included here are all the products we stock from this Merkur. These include double-edged safety razor sets, with accompanying brushes. If you’re looking for an authentic, luxurious experience every time you shave, then why not equip your bathroom with some of their work? Note that a good safety razor will need to be equipped with a supply of replacement blades if it’s to remain sharp and capable. You’ll find plenty of suitable candidates right here on the Gents website!

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