MUHLE is a pioneering business based in Stützengrün, Saxony. From there, it distributes high-quality shaving sets and equipment to discerning gentlemen across the planet. The MUHLE brand is synonymous with a passion for wet-shaving which is strongly in evidence in every finely-engineered item they release.

The business has been owner-managed since 1945, and is currently in its third generation. They’re a member of the German Design Council, and so you can be assured of their commitment to quality. Moreover, they’re a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony, and are sure to work alongside suppliers who share their green ideals!



MUHLE Shaving & Organic Product Range

MUHLE’s approach to design considers the wet shave and the items that go with it not just functional, but culturally important. Their work is built to cater to both lovers of the traditional shave, and to younger men who’ve yet to experience the joys of a real wet shave. With the help of the items listed here, you’ll be able to enjoy a shave as it’s meant to be!

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