The SFDR product range (Sul Filo Del Rasoio, or ‘on the razor’s edge’), is the work of Italian shaving manufacturer Proraso, who’ve been hard at work developing fantastic shaving innovations since the company’s inception in 1908.

SFDR Products

The SFDR products are designed to provide a more modern alternative to some of their more classic formulas. The products you see here are designed to provide an extremely close and friction-free shaving experience, with a minimum of harmful artificial chemicals.

Included in this selection of high-quality products are shaving creams and gels. They’re stored in squeezable bottles rather than aerosol cans, and so they don’t need to be aerated with caustic additives. Apply them to your face and lather them up with a suitable shaving brush, and you’ll ensure that moisture is worked right into the root of each hair, for the closest possible shave. You’ll find these, and several other hugely useful products, among our collection of SFDR products.

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