Taylor of Old Bond Street

The origins of the Taylor of Old Bond Street company aren’t hard to deduce; they were founded by a man named Taylor, who opened a shop on Old Bond Street in London, England. But there’s nothing ordinary about the brand under discussion, here; they’ve released a steady succession of high-quality shaving products that have made them beloved by men across the planet!

The first salon opened by Jeremiah Taylor quickly gained a reputation with the British society, thanks to its botanical extracts. The business was then passed down through the generations, with Jeremiah’s successor, Sidney, opening what would become the brand’s flagship store in Jermyn Street, London.

Invest in a Taylor of Old Bond Street branded shaving product and you’ll be able to enjoy the epitome of British style, elegance, reliability, and understated elegance. Where appropriate, each product is made entirely from natural ingredients, and designed and manufactured according to the highest standards. Invest in a Taylor product, and you’ll have a servant in the bathroom that you won’t be able to give up!

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