Brush & Comb

An unruly head of hair is unlikely to be a good-looking one; unless you’re going for the stylishly- unkempt look, you’ll need to get those locks under control. Fortunately, there’s technology at hand to make this easy, and you’ll find it in this brush & comb section of our site.

Designer Brush & Comb

Here’s where you’ll find all of our brushes and combs. The two devices don’t just differ in looks, but in purpose, too. Brushes are to be used to remove dirt, flakes and other pieces of detritus from your hair. They’re made to massage the scalp and promote the release of beneficial oils. Combing, on the other hand, is for keeping wet, tangled hair in check. By just using a single row of teeth, combs are able to easily work in styling products, and they’ll do so without breaking or damaging your wet, fragile hair. For best results, keep one of each in your bathroom!

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