We all want to smell good. If you’re a man, moreover, then you probably want to smell manly. Fragrant, perhaps – but probably not floral. In this part of our site, you’ll find a sizeable selection of fragrance for men that’ll ensure you smell as good as you look – or even better!

Among the items listed here you’ll find the work of traditional men’s fragrance designers like Taylor of Old Bond Street and Proraso. They’re formulated specially to provide aromas that are masculine and powerful. Leather, spices and dried wood are all popular choices in this field – and you’ll find them combined here to create scents that you’ll savour.

If you’re shopping for a gift for a man in your life (or you’d just like to treat yourself to a scent that you’ll be happy to wear on your next big night-out), then be sure to take a look through the fragrance options here. They’re great-smelling and as manly as can be!

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