There’s no point in being blessed with an amazingly full head of hair if you aren’t going to properly control it. But what if you don’t want to hold it in place quite so rigidly? That’s where pomade comes in. This term is a catch-all used to describe a range of products designed to showcase your hair in that just-washed wet style.

Pomade’s are great for just about any style which is formed using a comb. If you’re sporting a classic side-parting, then a good hair pomade might be just the thing to ensure that it looks as great as it should! It’s in this part of the site that you’ll find our hair pomades. With their help, you’ll be able to achieve that all-important balance between control and shine.

Popular Pomades

Keeping control of one’s hair is a vital component of the male grooming process. If you’ve got a problem with your locks wantonly flying around at inopportune moments, then you’ll need a product that’ll enforce some discipline around your scalp! In this regard, you’ll have several options at your disposal. In this section, you’ll find our pots of one of them – clay pomade. Hair Clay for strong hold & matt finish Hair clays are built for a strong hold with a matt finish. Clay is great for short hairstyles where you need maximum definition and control. You’ll be able to easily mould your hair into just about any style you can imagine, and it’s easy to apply, too – just rub a small helping of it through your hair each morning and you’ll have great hold that’ll see you through to the end of the day. If this sounds like something you need, then you’ll want to check out our selection below.

If you’re looking to keep your scalp tidy, you’ll want to make use of an appropriate hair product. These come in a range of forms, each of which is suitable for different tastes and hairstyles. If you’re looking to banish greasy and unruly hair to the distant past, then why not try hair paste – it’s great for taming your hair with a minimum of effort. Hair Paste is Thicker than Pomade Hair pastes tend to be a little thicker than pomades, and provide a little more hold. They’re ideal for almost any length of hair, and since they’re water-based, they’re easily washed out. Depending on the thickness of the hair paste, you might elect to rub it between your fingers before application. The friction will help to make it a little more pliant as you work it through your hair, where it’ll harden as it cools. What could be simpler? You’ll find all our hair pastes arranged below.

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