Shaving is something that the vast majority of men take the time to do. So why not take the time to do it well? With a few small investments, you’ll be able to make your shaving routine a great deal easier, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Shaving Sets & Equipment

We provide quality shaving sets and branded shaving equipment to cater to a wide range of faces. Whether you’re looking to mould and maintain an awe-inspiring beard, or you’re looking to keep your skin as smooth and supple as can be, you’ll find the necessary tools amidst the items listed in this part of the site.

Shaving Kits NZ

Included in this section you’ll also find shaving balms, gels and creams that’ll make your facial hair a little more manageable. You’ll also find the razor blades necessary to do the actual shaving – whether it’s a cut-throat razor or a pair of trimming scissors. Additional extras like shaving mirrors and brushes are sure to make the experience that little bit more pleasant!