Double Edge Safety Razor

If you’d like to keep your facial hair under control without running the risk of cutting yourself, then you’ll want to consider one of the luxury double edge safety razors we stock. They are precisely engineered to provide the closest possible shave, courtesy of a blade that’s shielded behind a metal grille. It’s a design that’s been around since the 1880s – and it’s remained in much the same form since then, because it’s difficult to improve upon!

Get the Best from a Double Edge Safety Razor NZ

Also included in this section are shaving kits comprising everything you need to get the best from a double-edged safety razor, including a brush to get rid of all of those stray hairs, and a stand to hang the items from. This double-edge razor will need a steady supply of replacement razor blades if it’s to retain its hair-slicing sharpness. You’ll find double-edge safety razor blades right here.

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