Skincare Kit

A modern gentleman’s bathroom cabinet doesn’t contain just a mangy old toothbrush and a bar of soap. Nowadays, we’re able to benefit from a wide range of skincare kits and products, which serve a wide range of purposes.

Separate products do the same job as an all-in-one solution – except they do it much, much better. You’ll enjoy a far superior shaving experience with the help of anti-inflammatory balms and oils. Specially-formulated body washes, on the other hand, cater to the needs of your whole body – not just your face.

If you’re looking to stock up your grooming setup, then investing in one of our skincare kits or bundles is just the way to do it. Represented here are oils, gels, toners and moisturisers from some of the world’s most prestigious brands, like MUHLE and Baxter of California. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, why not check out our fantastic skincare products?

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