Leather Accessories

Mens Leather Accessories

As materials go, few can match leather in terms of ruggedness, longevity and good-looks. It’s used to create everything from upholstery to clothing and mens leather accessories – its most useful when used as a material in bags and wallets of the sort listed here.

Leather Wallets, Bags & Portfolios

Included in this part of the site you’ll find a range of mens leather bags. These include toiletry bags, shoulder bags and stylish leather portfolios. We only stock the work of esteemed leatherworkers – and so you can be assured of the utmost quality.

Also present here are our leather wallets, without which no man can sensibly carry money from one place to another. There are several designs to choose from here, including those with two folds and those with three. There are even some options with coin pockets built in, for the gentleman who always seems to have loose change rattling around his pockets.

Tuscany leather items are all handcrafted in Italy before being shipped across the world. Each of them comes with a two-year guarantee attached. That way, you can be assured of the quality of your item before you even receive it – and you’ll have the security of knowing any problems can be corrected!