Mortals Collection

If you’re going to make a collection of manly jewellery pieces, then what better inspiration could there be than the mythos of life and death itself? That’s exactly what’s prompted Canadian designer Clocks and Colours to create this exciting ‘Mortals’ collection. They’ve worked alongside a team of Bali-based master silversmith craftsmen who’ve made each exciting sterling-silver piece by hand.

Represented in these items you’ll find everything that’s symbolic of mortality. Mythology, the human body and the animal kingdom all serve as obvious sources of inspiration – as well as more brutal stuff like hatchets and machetes. Each item is sure to provide your appearance with just the barest hint of profound danger – just the thing if you need to maintain a little cosmic perspective during a mundane afternoon’s work!

You’ll get torc-style bracelets which can easily be attached to your wrists, and rings which fit perfectly alongside them. Circular items of this sort provide exactly the required symbolism – being as circular as life itself. Naturally, the shape also serves the practical purpose of keeping the jewellery safely attached.

To keep your jewellery shining, you might wish to periodically give it a gentle buffing – though Clocks and Colours recommend you let yours tarnish, for that authentic ‘worn-in’ appearance.

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